Microsoft technologies

Even if we can help you in many technologies and platform, we are specialized in Microsoft products and development environment (.NET).

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Cloud oriented

Nowadays, the Cloud is everywhere. The software design must take care of the cloud possibilities and enablers.

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All software layers

Databases, user interface, API development, centralized logging, application integration, messaging ... What do you need ? How to choose the right middleware, the right language, the right technology ?

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Security by default

Keep your data safe and secure. Design your application with security in mind, at the very beginning of your project.

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Design patterns

Your software must "fit for use and fit for purpose", so make sur you know the requirements. And keep the right level of documentation up to date, your software needs

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Agile, devops, SRE, waterfall, requirements, expectations, documentation... many terms and approaches ! Choose the right methodology, application life cycle and level of documentation, regarding your needs and your organization.

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Currently, our small company is composed of ... one member. The manager, technology expert, most experienced consultant is Pascal Evrard.

  • More than 20 years in the software development world.
  • Many mission in Belgium, in small and very large companies.
  • Certified in different domains (technology, project management).
  • Skilled for consultancy/advisory, but also pragmatic and hands-on.
  • Addict to new technologies, always ready to learn, evolving to the edge.
  • Soft-skilled, good communication and ready to play a role in a team.

What We Do

Software ! As consultant, advisor, or hands-on, we can help you at many stages during your software application lifecycle. From inception to production, from the lowest to the upper layer, involve our team !


You know your expectations, you know your environment, you know your budget and your planning. We can then help you design your solution ! Architecture, technology, modeling, documentation, ...


We can development, implement, build... just realize what you need, the way you need ! And of course, unit testing is part of it.


we can automate different steps, set-up continuous integration and continuous deployment. On the cloud or on-premise, this is your choice.


Devops, we know what it is. We can follow your application at runtime, make sure it is available, monitor it, and improve/automate the tools to ensure availability.

What Our partners/clients Says

We met a lot of people during our missions. Some of the persons left a small recommendation on LinkedIn ...

During the time he (Pascal) worked on the project, he quickly became the technical reference within the team, bringing expertise and professionalism. His calm character also contributed to the relationship with a very demanding customer.


Pascal's team was in front of a difficult situation : a tricky technical stuff in SOA technologies, on a very important project for the customer, GDFSUEZ. His technical expertise makes it possible to deliver the application. Thanks to you, Pascal.


Pascal is solution oriented guys and great technical Architect, pragmatic and well thinking. I enjoy work with him he was not only a techie guy but also a real team player