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Codeflow is a Belgian consultancy company, specialized in software architecture and application design. Thanks to our soft skills and our strong technical knowledge, we can help you to analyze, design, build and deploy your business applications.

Software architects have an important role during the overall development process. We will guarantee the technical qualities of your line-of-business applications. When your project reach a certain size and complexity, our architects will take decisions to maximize non-functional aspects : performance, security, reliability, maintenability, availability, ...

To reach these goals, architects must clearly understand your functional needs and the solution requirements. Thanks to our strong knowledge in different technologies and design patterns, we have a clear vision on the project implementation and we can manage the build process. From the business analysis until the user acceptance, we will understand, communicate, take decisions so that your solution will evolve and fit the user"s needs for many years. On desktops, mobile devices, cloud services, smart clients, web sites, service oriented architecture or a mix of everything : build clean, robust and durable solutions with a trusted provider : Codeflow !

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