Different methodologies.

Large projects need structure, plan, and control of the development process. This includes the pre-definition of specific deliverables and artifacts, created and completed by a project team. From the requirements until the user acceptance testing and the production, methodologies will help planning, estimates, mitigate risk, localize bottlenecks, ... Make the team efficient and reach the objectives

At Codeflow, we are used to work in environments where the waterfall model is fully applied (RUP). But we have worked in 'agile' environments as well ! (SCRUM, Extreme Programming, ...)

We have expertize to setup your continuous integration environment :

  • Automtated tests (unit , integration, acceptance tests)
  • build automation
  • frequent and automatic installation/deployment

We provide clear and detailled software architecture description documents by using the well-known 4 views (logical, process, implementation and deployment views). UML is the industry-standard we used to represent graphically the software architecture or the application design.